SIX FOOT SIX Releases Lyric Video “The Prodigy (A Templar’s Tale pt. 1)”

SIX FOOT SIXSix Foot Six has released a lyric-video for “The Prodigy (A Templar’s Tale pt. 1)”, fourth single taken from the new album “Beggar’s Hill” released on December 8th through Scarlet Records.

“A Templar’s Tale” is a trilogy of songs and videos based upon Jan Guillou’s books about the Swedish knight templar Arn Magnusson – the first song is about how the young boy (Arn) ends up in an accident. His life hangs in the balance and his parents promise he’ll spend his life serving God, if he awakes from his coma. This is the start to the boy’s winding road to the Holy Land.

Pure anthemic heavy metal at its best: ‘Beggar’s Hill’ is the third Six Foot Six
record and the most coherent of their works until this date.

The catchy songs take you on a melancholic journey through salt-beaten winding seaside cliffs, medieval battles, decrepitude and abandonment, cinematic glimpses and the general state of the world – a planet of war, love, pollution and wonders!

Watch their lyric video here:

six foot six


1. Raise the Dead
2. Tears
3. Voices Inside
4. Beggar’s Hill
5. Analog Man
6. Riding the Tide
7. Fire Will Burn (The Riders of the Apocalypse)
8. The Prodigy (A Templar’s Tale pt. 1)
9. The Siege (A Templar’s Tale pt. 2)
10. The Homecoming (A Templar’s Tale pt. 3)
11. Pete McOats [digital-only bonus track]
12. Equinox [digital-only bonus track]