Slaves of Dissonance to release Toxoplasmosis EP on August 12th

Slaves Of Dissonance

Brisbane metal act Slaves Of Dissonance are set to release their debut EP “Toxoplasmosis” on the 12th August. The first single, “Involuntary Lobotomy” was recently released, a crushing debut track that details people misleading and exploiting others, based on their faith, for ulterior motives. The track is available on all major streaming platforms and on Bandcamp:

Slaves of Dissonance are a 4 piece metal band based in Brisbane, QLD. Borrowing influences from such acts as Lamb Of God, Gojira and At The Gates, the bands sound can be described as having groovy/technical guitar riffs, high energy beats with shattering blasts and powerful grooves and ear peircing vocals. All members have uniquely different tastes ranging from thrash/groove or prog to more extreme styles like black metal/death metal resulting in Slaves of Dissonance creating a unique metal sound all of their own.

Furthermore, some of the band members work in social/psychological science fields and utilize those experiences for eye opening lyrical content such as mental health disorders, government conspiracies, brainwashing media organizations and misleading, exploitative faith groups.

“Toxoplasmosis” will be released on 12th August via all major streaming platforms and at



Slaves Of Dissonance - Toxoplasmosis