Slovakian death metal band Bloody Redemption to release new album “Hit To The Gore”

Bloody Redemption

This summer, marking their 10th anniversary, BLOODY REDEMPTION is set to release their sophomore album ‘HIT TO THE GORE‘ through Awakening Records. For the last decade, Slovakian-based death metal quartet BLOODY REDEMPTION has been paying tribute to the old-school death metal sound with their ferocious live shows and releases.

First gaining popularity in their hometown Revúca, the band has built a following across the world. Launching their debut full-length album ‘INFECTED MINDS’ in 2017, the band is showing the globe the greatness that is the classic death metal sound from the late 80s and early 90s.

With the release of ‘HIT THE GORE’ coming this summer, stay tuned to find out exactly when you can get your hands on what is sure to be a stellar release by BLOODY REDEMPTION.



Bloody Redemption - Hit To The Gore