Bloody Redemption – Hit To The Gore (Album Review)

Release Date: August 26th 2022 - Awakening Records

Bloody Redemption - Hit To The Gore

From the mid-’80s to now the world of Death Metal has had quite a unique trajectory. Branching off into all sorts of genre sub-variants. If you want unfathomable, obtuse overblown stereotypes, anchored solidly behind a sonic landscape that for quite a while has not grown or extended beyond its boundaries then you can feast till you need to go up a size in your tight black jeans.
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But if like me you are constantly searching for a different more demanding and forward-thinking form of extreme music then my dear friends you are in for a treat. It is time we explored the outer reaches of the metal world. In the cold and wind-swept parts of darkest Europe, there are men and women mining deep metallic rich seems of the blackest metal on the planet. From the bowels of the earth comes Slovakia’s Bloody Redemption. Not a name that I was familiar with up to the moment that their album dropped onto my desk.

And gods bless this job as more and more these days the craziest and most inventive music falls into my lap. Hit To The Gore falls quite firmly in the latter. As I said before death metal is not a genre that gallops towards the dawn of bright new futures. But in this slab of desolate angst, we get one of the most innovative streams of modern death that is currently around.

You still have the heavy aggressive darkness that you come to expect; the DNA of death is there for all to hear but at this point, this is where we leave traditional forms of the genre.
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I was struck by the musicality of this band and this album. No longer the bass player is just sitting one octave below the guitar and playing along or atonal cold and unreachable guitars that accompany drums that have all the syncopation of an 80s badly programmed drum machine. Here we discover the beauty of musicianship that is more often than not lost in far too much distortion and clicked to a grid pro tools auto tune nightmare. Before you stop reading stay with me on this. When we throw our minds and bodies unthinking into the mêlée of extreme metal what is lost is the most human of all things curiosity. Are we not curious one little bit about the melody, the ingenuity, and the magic of the creation of music? I for one am. In albums such as this because the musicality of the individuals is so clearly displayed you get that curios itch scratched. There is soulfulness and an underlying understanding of melody that is often overlooked in old-school death. Many people think that it’s just noise and in some cases this is true, but we all know don’t we dear reader this is not the case in this album.

It takes a lot of effort and understanding of the basics of heavy metal to make classics like Rapture Of The Damned and Unknown Evil. Both take me right back to UK giants of the genre Sabbat they also could play in some unusual and progressive forms whilst still being tightly held in the constraints of death metal. So what I’m trying to say in my usual flowery way is that this slab of European death metal is unique and individual. It’s a breath of fresh air. Progressive in its nature and manor old school in its intent and one hell of an enjoyable way to pass the time, I just wish that more bands like these guys would get their moment in the sun and show us all just how forward thinking and modern a tired and often one-dimensional musical genre can be.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Slovakia

Reviewed by Tony Evans