STEELSWARM: To release debut album “Aspects of Dissonance”

Sydney progressive rock trio STEELSWARM masterfully create daring music of epic stature. Melodic twists, technical wizardry, numerous dazzling lead guitar sections, addictive riffs, the rhythm that is both pulsating and inventive, genuine groove, moments of dense ambience and clean, emotive vocals are all part of their authentic and compelling package. STEELSWARM’s audiences are constantly energized, engaged and wondering what will come next. Always refreshingly challenging, this is a band that takes an intelligent and thoughtful approach to their complex music.

With the concept of the band first being conceived by brothers and fellow band-mates Dane and Jamie Simms in 2012, STEELSWARM’s journey since has seen them share the stage with some of Australia’s biggest local names in progressive metal including CHAOS DIVINE, BLOOD DUSTER and RED BEE; playing from Queensland to Hobart and all the venues in between; and releasing their thrash inspired debut EP “The Ultimate Offering” (2014), recorded at ‘The Brain Studios (THY ART IS MURDER, RED BEE and ENDLESS HEIGHTS.)

STEELSWARM has never adhered to any preconceived ideals. With the introduction of drummer Zac Stewart – who brings his own complementary dynamism, precision and imagination – this band is now firing on all cylinders as they further push the envelope with every atmospheric track and live experience they construct.

On April 6th 2018, STEELSWARM released their new single “Everything Lasts Forever” – a triumphant, intricate and cathartic journey that carries the melody, atmosphere and heavy hooks at every turn. Recorded by Melbourne producer Tye Pennington of Danger tones Studio. (We May Fall, Atlantis of the Sky, Just a Day, Oculus, Delorean Tide, Hope in Vein, Blunt Shovel, Ivphoosu.)

After releasing the E.L.F single, STEELSWARM followed this up by unleashing their debut E.L.F film clip in June 2018. A beautiful, effectual incarnation of the cosmic life cycle, of how we all must return to the universe as material. Directed and produced by the very talented Jamie Andrei of Bake. Agency. STEELSWARM released their second single “Twilight Harbour” on the 06/01/2019.

Teaming up with Tye Pennington in early 2020 STEELSWARM hit the studio to produce their debut album. Described by Tye as “I can’t even comprehend this!”, “Aspects of Dissonance” is a new direction for the band combining complicated music with beautiful meaning and soundscapes. The band is ready to push forward to release their debut album digitally on the 06/08/2020.