SUFFOCATION Released 3D Lyric Video for ‘Delusions Of Morality’ Revealed


The wait is over! New York death metal legends SUFFOCATION unleash their ninth full-length album Hymns From The Apocrypha via Nuclear Blast.

The band offers fans the third track ‘Delusions of Mortality’ which combines progressive melodies and Ricky Myer‘s monstrous vocals. Check out the 3D lyric video created by Tamara of Aimed & Framed.

SUFFOCATION‘s Ricky Myers comments, “‘Delusions of Mortality’ is the third single off our new album HYMNS FROM THE APOCRYPHA. The lyrical content pertains to these dimensional beings granting us ancient scriptures scribed of our true origin, purpose, and the reason why humanity was created. Revealing knowledge that is too much for man to comprehend but at the same time, it allows mankind to remove the veil and see the truth. This existence is nothing but a delusion.”

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Watch the 3D lyrics video for ‘Delusions of Mortality‘,  here: