Symphonic metal band ANA Release “Scars” music video


Symphonic metal band ANA just released a new album entitled The Art of Letting Go via Eclipse Records on March 29th, and earlier today; the band dropped their third music video from the album entitled “Scars”. The music video was directed by Peter Coulson, whose work has been published as covers and editorials in magazines worldwide, winning multiple prestigious awards including AIPP Australian Photographer of the Year, and AIPP Fashion Photographer of the Year 3 times.

Watch “Scars” by Ana right now:

“We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the amazing Peter Coulson” says lead vocalist Anna Khristenko. “We needed one more music video and he happened to have some time between his busy schedule, which was truly a blessing. I have worked with Peter many times before, so we have developed very good chemistry and strong trust between us. On the other hand, it may have been a bit of a learning curve for my band, as Peter’s methods can be unorthodox. He was truly like no other director they’d ever worked with. Even though the subject matter may weigh heavy on the heart, the video is stunningly beautiful. The video was shot in black and white to represent the past. The effect of a black and white video also means that your eyes are not distracted by colors and makes you focus more on the performance and emotions. The message I want to bring across is that even in pain there is beauty to be found.” Director Peter Coulson adds, “I just push buttons and allowed Anna and the band to do the rest.”