Taha Sehaqui – Buried Ashes (EP Review)

Release Date: Dezember 21th 2021 - Indepandent

Although Taha Sehaqui labels his newest release Rock/Progressive Metal, it is tough to categorize it, coming from a musician with influences so broad that you can’t pinpoint one single label to it, henceforth taking you on a trip of a multitude of atmospheres on his latest “Buried Ashes”.

The EP has an overall futuristic vibe to it, confronting the forever evolving society, and the threats of artificial intelligence, and standing strong against the consumer spirit which can be felt through the multiple wars raging around the globe. But musically speaking, you can sense the plethora of different musical movements, and feel that the songwriter has spent a lifetime of listening to music and absorbing writing reflexes.

It is an EP well suited for the prog metal fan as much as the fusion music passionate and the guitar hero fan, from a potential generational national guitar hero by the name of Taha Sehaqui, whose spectrum of eclectic taste ranges from Rob Jarzombek’s twisted melodies to folkloric acoustic riffs and even oriental Indian feeling vibes.

What’s more impressive and asserts the power of the release is the fact that the guy is a multi-instrumentalist who even went through the trouble of producing his own music, and that’s a particularity to underline. The EP displays two guests: Amine Ben Abdelmoumen doing the keyboards on “The White Beard”, and Abdellah El Khajlani on guitar on the closing track untitled “The Healing”. Now although one might not adhere to the experimentation happening on this EP, it is necessary to recognize the technical mastery going on, on all aspects of the release.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Morocco

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE