Ploughshare – Tellurian Insurgency (EP Review)

Tellurian Insurgency is one EP of the 3 records from Ploughshare a Black, Death and Doom Metal Band from Canberra, Australia.

Let’s talk about it, I love the powers and aggressivity this can achieve, this is not one of those ground-breaking records but if you have heard some of the classic old black / death metal you will really like and appreciated it, the first thing I’ve noted of this was that particular 80s-90s black metal influence over the album in general, it’s angry, is deep, is crunchy/raspy, aggressive at some times but it lacks a little portion of true feeling, it’s not bad, but it can be better, at times feels forced for what it can achieve at some parts on songs, I can name a few of groups that sounded like this in the very early days, but this one has better sound at recording, that’s a good point about it.

So about the vocalist’s voice is very high at heavy at sometimes, can do his job pretty well enough to like, but it lacks some technique in some parts of death growls, that can bring down all the experience when you’re expecting more destructiveness, more damnation, this record doesn’t say anything new, if you’re new at black you can give it a try, it will not impress you, but is good enough to make you dive more in deep about this band, they have good blasting potential waiting to be unleashed

Technically, the record sounds good, is well know that most heavy genres of metal are hard to mix and produce, this, not the case, I don’t have any trouble with this one, sounds good, the distortion is a bit missed but no that much, so is a very cool black metal mixing.

I give this EP the final score of 4.35, it’s not perfect, but is good So what do you do reading this? go to listen to it.

Tellurian Insurgency has been released by Brilliant Emperor in 2019. Ploughshare is from Australia.

Release Year: 2019
Label: Brilliant Emperor
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Trent Painless (Seth)