TEMPEST RISING: Release Monstrous New Single ‘Kingdom’

Perth Metal Sensations Tempest Rising return with a monstrous new single ‘Kingdom’. Swerving between delicate dynamics and the extreme heat of their heaviness, ‘Kingdom’ unleashes an intensity that aims a punch right at the jugular.

Masterfully layered in its sharpness and precision, ‘Kingdom’ delivers moments of depth and cleverness that warrants repeat listens. Vocalist Vin Trikeriotis has left no stone unturned in channeling his anguish into gut wrenching melodies sitting atop chainsaw riffs, slick melodic guitar leads and off-kilter breakdowns. Commanding your attention with its cataclysmic heaviness, relentless propulsion and chant-along chorus’, ‘Kingdom’ delivers their exciting new sound that sits comfortably within the realm of Sevendust & Killswitch Engage.

Trikeriotis on the new release “Kingdom is the third single and final step to the journey in which we come to a revelation. Our mortality and inner demons are a part of who we are, Accept them and you will become greater than a god because you will be free of doubt and self loathing”

Carving their way through the Australian metal scene the band has toured globally with heavyweights such as Marduk, Kataklysm, and Hypocrisy, including headlining a European tour and performing alongside Arch Enemy, Sepultura, Drowning Pool, Sevendust, Apocalyptica, and many more. Coming off a successful release of their new singles ‘Downfall’ & ‘Awakening’ Tempest Rising are the epitome of hard working virtuosic musicians proving that even a global pandemic will not stop them!

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