Arch Of Hell – Arrival (Album Review)

Arrival is the latest release from Arch of Hell a Czech seven-piece that since its formation in 2006 has taken the sound of modern metal to new heights whilst maintaining its unique Mediterranean flavor.

Big powerful crunchy riffs that are driven by Malášek’s clean vocals and Štěpán Fiala’s growls, Arrival is a huge modern, metal delivered flawlessly. ‘’Follow the Sphinx’’ is a symphonic metal moment that really shines with dual clean vocals and dynamic keyboard flourishes. ‘’Curse of Re-incarnation’’ is pure metal, taking some cues from Arch Enemy and adding massive breakdowns and excellent drumming from Marty. The musicianship on here is simply stunning especially when each instrument is given its own moment to shine. Stardust is more metal, big thumping kicks before the harmonious vocals arrive and take it into new directions with a fantastic solo. ‘Ungrateful’ is more musical excellence.

‘’Chariots of the Gods’’ is an electronic instrumental more on the EBM side of things whilst Sachment is the musical moment that combines demanding keyboard lines with excellent syncopated drumming, great vocals, and a little Rammstein. The dreamlike moments conjure the Importance of Egyptian culture that is tempered by the heaviness of reality.

Arrival is a thoughtful accomplished album that is incredibly focused and the trade-off between both sets of clean vocals to vocal fry and growling makes them more diverse and dynamic than their peers. Adventurous and mysterious as per their subject matter Arch of Hell has delivered a finely crafted album that is thematic and pure of spirit.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: MetalGate Records
Category: Album
Country: Czech Republic

Reviewed by Sparky