Temtris – Ritual Warfare (Album Review)


Picture the scene of a dry ice drenched stage so thick with smoke that the only thing punctuating the heavy scented air of booze and sweat is the blasting spotlights and the high screaming vocals of a vocalist on top form. This was my first encounter with Temtris when they were touring the 2007 epic record Masqurade. I said then to whoever wanted to listen that this band from the south coast of Australia would be making albums that will make people stand up and listen. I was not wrong 3 more albums and 13 years later they have made a record to prove that point.

Genevieve Rodda is the vocalist here fronting a 5 strong melodic, power metal band. Her voice is just so soaring and clear it sends shivers down my spine. This backed by a very accomplished band, that because of the time spent together is so very tight. I’m sure they would not mind me saying that they are one of the best-kept secrets here in this part of the country.

Now to the record a tidy 44 min 39 seconds run time means it will not outlive its stay. It’s a very well-produced album. Infectious bass and drums that just make you want to give those neck muscles a good old work out, thanks to Nicholas Bolin (Drums) and Nick Wilks (Bass) I know whom I should send my chiropractor bills to.  And some of the most accomplished guitar I have heard for a long time.

Well done Nadi Noroozian, Anthony Fox… duelling guitars can be a metal trope that can be either fantastic or fall on its face. Here I am happy to say that it’s in the positive. They manage to mix heavy with a delicious groove and enough fretboard pyrotechnics to keep all guitar nerds like me drooling and reaching for the nearest tennis racket and mirror (all kids of the ’70s and ’80s like me will relate and if your not sure ask your mum and dads kids).

Highlights for me on this glorious album are the vocals on the title track Ritual Warfare; what a set of lungs Genevieve Rodda has. She reminds me of all the great female metal singers of my misspent youth. Leather-clad Valkyrie that would take your breath away by their sheer stage presence alone. Summing up here in Australia again we have made and continue to make amazing music in many, many genres. So go put down your overpriced, over produced international product and head to the Australian band’s section of your local purveyor of a fine musical product. Clasp your warm sweaty hands around whatever medium you choose. Take it home grab your tennis racket and for 44 min and 39 sec you to could be rock gods. Keep music real support local acts and they will reward you with an amazing product like this.

(Tennis racket and mirror sold separately)

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Tony Evans