Temtris ‘Ritual Warfare tour’

05/06/2021 The Basement (Canberra)

Temtris hit the Basement in Canberra on a bloody cold Canberra night.  The temp was already about 7 degrees Celsius when I got to the Basement.  But it wasn’t cold inside.  This was the first gig I had done for Metal-Roos since COVID shut down the world and I was looking forward to a great night of metal music with Temtris playing a heap of tracks of their latest offering, the wonderful Ritual Warfare. 


First up was the local band Clarity of Chaos, who proceeded to get the crowd warming up with their heavy blitzkrieg metal.  With a mix of speed, meaty distortion and some amazing shredding, they are driven by a brilliant engine room including Darren Mead and the gravelly gruff vocals of James Dohm.  The band covers a large repertoire from their self-titled album and are really tight through a well-paced and loud set.


Next up is Red Sea, who are a wonderful melodic progressive band that are fronted by the gifted voice of Erica Bowron.  The band were stoked to be back playing.. in front of people… live people… As bass player Attila Muhari made us very aware it’s been a while.  The band had a lively following of people who had made the trek to watch them perform, and perform they did pumping out a wonderful set of heavy, melodic and groovy tracks.


Finally Temtris hits the stage and everyone has moved right up the front.  The band, from the South Coast of NSW has been powering as an entity since before 2000.  Tonight they are bringing the whole shebang to support the release of their wonderful new album, Ritual Warfare.  Temtris are  fronted by the amazingly gifted Genevieve Rodda, whose voice is powerful and simply awe inspiring, alongside Anthony Fox whose fingers are belying the chilly temperatures outside as he lights up the fretboard.  Anthony is ably supported by new axeman, Nadi Narozzian, and they seem like they’ve been playing together for years, as they solo back and forth.  Nick Wilks, bass and backing vocals, brings an amazing level of energy as he and Nicholas Bolin drive the rhythm like a formula one.  Temtris know how to bring a show, their whole set is welcomed joyously by the crowd. Before you know it, an hour and a half set is over and everyone is leaving happy after a brilliant night of metal.

Paul Kerr

Photos by Hold Still Photography