Teramaze release new song & video “Ticket to the next Apocalypse”

Teramaze - Ticket To The Next Apocalypse

Australian progressive metal band, Teramaze have dropped a new single & video for the track “Ticket to the next Apocalypse“, which can be seen below. Grab the single via Bandcamp here.

The band comments: “Ticket to the next Apocalypse is a little return to our earlier sound such as albums like Esoteric Symbolism, Anhedonia etc with still the modern progressive feel we are known for. The world is in such a chaotic state so writing music seems to be one of the only things that still feels Liberating and free to do what we want with it, unlike other parts of our lives where the maniacs who think they run things are trying to break the human spirit and seem to be using this world wide event for political gain and wealth.

Teramaze has always done what ever we like and follow no trends or formula that other bands or labels get stuck in, we wanna just try add something positive and artistic in the world to just do our small part in being musicians and entertainers and provide an escape .TTTNA is probably the most aggresive singing ive done to date and was born out of pure frustration.

We also have Jason Wisdom apperaing on the track laying down the Death Vocals, he also was on our track Deep State of Awake.”