The Godfathers of Skacore 8 Kalacas release new single, video and limited 7inch ‘Mutante’

8 Kalacas
Photo Credit: Demise Photography

8 KALACAS, also known as the Godfathers of Skacore, share their new single and video, ‘Mutante‘, which is also released as a limited, coloured 7inch vinyl single (500 copies), including the Cafe Tacvba cover version ‘El Borrego’, recorded and mixed by Alex Lopez of SUICIDE SILENCE.

“”Mutante” is the type of high energy heavy madness that you can expect from 8 Kalacas. This song is one of the few fictional stories we bring to our album which describes a man who was once thought dead but comes back through the use of a powerful amulet. He comes back different, with a new hunger for human flesh and human brains. We are very excited to present this music video to the world and hope everyone enjoys it”, comments the band and continues: “”Mutante” was the first of 5 videos we made for the “Fronteras” album with our good friend and director Vicente Cordero. We were lucky to be able to work during Covid-19 restrictions and able to safely work with some amazing actors and actresses to make this video possible. The idea was to have us playing in a dark warehouse where a desperate doctor was performing experimental operations on the man she loved to save his life. However, when her experiments work, she quickly realizes that he has become something different. He develops facial and skeletal mutations and is overcome by a supernatural bloodlust. By the end of the video, she is punished for playing God when she is consumed by her own creation.”

Fronteras will be available as a CD incl. Bonus DVD (with video clips, band documentary and a live acoustic session), on Vinyl (orange/black coloured) and digital. You can pre-save Fronteras here:

Influenced by the Mariachi and Cumbia traditions of Mexico while also being true children of a globalized world, 8 KALACAS stand for a new era in rock and metal music. It’s not just white music anymore. It’s music for anyone who feels at home in these intoxicating tunes. Hence their band name, with “calaca” meaning skull in Spanish. “No matter who you are, the colour of your skin, the type of people you love, what god you believe in, the poverty, or the wealth: when you die, the only thing left is the fucking KALACA.” Word, brother: in death, at least we are united. Or, if we don’t want to wait that long, in this fiery phenomenon called 8 KALACAS.

“‘Frontera’ is a survival saga and a mighty monument of personal freedom and self-determination,” states the ska-core familia about the new song. “This is what it’s like to be a Mexican who has to cross the border, try to survive the economic hardships in the US, and fight against the system that is working hard to hold you down. We dedicate this song to all of our brothers and sisters who leave everything behind to look for better lives for themselves and their families.” Hasta la victoria siempre!


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8 Kalacas - Fronteras