The Hu Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

17 March 2020 at The Tivoli

Tonight I arrive at my beloved Tivoli with a slightly heavy heart, but with cheerfulness & a positive mind that the current climate & state of the world will not be the end of us all & most definitely will not be the end of the passion that we, as vibrational beings, have for live music & art. 

A massive thank you to Live Nation, UNIFY & The Tivoli in Brisbane with the incredible co-operation of the Mongolian tribal legends that are The Hu. To comply with the current Government controls in regards to people gathering in numbers less than 500 – they put on 2 shows. Yes that’s right, one after the other so that numbers could be controlled & space was available. Being the forever optimist I TRUST that anyone that was concerned, or felt unwell did not attend the gig – though there was more than enough space between everyone. So it was heart-warming to see people out, enjoying themselves, dancing, singing & cheering. And The Hu, bless them, brought their Hunnu Rock to Brisbane & how we celebrated their “human” Rock’N’Roll. No wonder they were awarded the Order of Chinggis Khaan in 2019 – which is Mongolia’s highest award for citizens who promote Mongolian culture to the rest of the world. And they did this faultlessly. This my friends is the world coming together & in no better or pure way than music – which is life-force itself. 

Beginning in 2016, with thanks to the internet they have become the first Mongolian musical act to top charts with their song “Wolf Totem” & “Yuve Yuve Yu”. With their skilful bonding of traditional instruments such as the Morin khuur (horsehead fiddle), lead singer Jaya with his holster of different sized Tsurr (pastoralist flutes) & his Tumur Khuur (mouth harp) & then topped off by two drum kits, one traditional & one conventional & a 6 string bass & guitar. This full tribal rock sound was solidly completed with all seven members contributing to the vocals & the incredible throat singing from them all. As a vocalist, this is most intriguing & gives the music a truly unique & otherworldly tone. 

Playing us tracks from their 1st album The Gereg to an genuine & excited audience, in which you could tangibly feel the gratitude for the sacrifice to bring us the music not only from abroad but two shows in a row after a tour around Australia. The chanting of “HU HU HU HU” between each & every song from the audience to a crescendo of cheers & applause just made me smile completely & realise how blessed we all are to have live music in our lives. Again thank you to The Hu for this gig, it meant the world to more than just me, for this I am certain. 

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I know times are tough for my music family & there are many in my life that I care for greatly that are terribly affected by these times, but know, we are all in this together. Support your friends, family & those that bring you the music – from the musicians, promoters, venues, production & all staff members. Reach out & remember the music & those that bring it to you, these people, like you & I, have lifted us up when we needed it – it’s now time to lift our brethren in this time of uncertainty. This too shall pass & we will RISE! 


Love to you all my metal family & I trust I will have the privilege to write another review very soon. Much love. Tina xxx 

Line-up: The Hu

Reviewer: Tina Summers