The Last of Lucy – Moksha (Album Review)

Release Date: February 18th 2022 - Transcending Obscurity Records

The Last of Lucy – Moksha

Guns are really out with The Last of Lucy’s latest release, no compromises and no hostages, the Californian band really went on a metal killing spree, atomizing everything with their blast beats and crazy technical riffs. You probably can’t play them riffs, but you can’t stop yourself from headbanging to them either.

It doesn’t sound like your usual technical death metal band, just flexing technicality in your face, there is actually a great songwriting effort, efficiency, and subtility in the brutality of it all, and technicality not only in riff writing, but the rhythm patterns aren’t your usual 4/4, as well as the song structures which vary, never letting you sink into boredom.

The vocals emphasize the music with adding a pinch of darkness and wicked evil. The artistic end product is a perfectly well-balanced mix of musical virtuosity and an innovative way of conveying an atmosphere as the music befits the imagery that the band went for. There are some experimentations here and there but overall, it is a well-done modern metal referential album.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Oussama EL OUADIE