The Spirit (Germany)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Spirits! It is a great honour to have you here.

Thanks for having us.

M-R: Tell us a little bit about The Spirit: how the band was born into the world of metal?

Formed in late 2015, we released two years later our debut album Sounds from the Vortex ourselves because we couldn´t find a label that was interested. The record was later re-released by Nuclear Blast. Now we are here with our second album to raise hell once more.

M-R: What are The Spirit’s main influences musically?

Black and Death Metal from the 90s is, of course, a big influence, but personally I don´t listen much to this kind of music nowadays. Even if the listener can´t hear it immediately, there is a lot of rock and prog-rock influence in our new album. The challenge is to introduce it to our sound without changing it too much.

M-R: A month ago you released the single Serpent As Time Reveals. How was the reception of the song from the metal fans?

We only got positive feedback, but that has nothing to say. Important is how many people will come later to our shows or buy the album. To put a song online and then getting some nice words from people is nothing you should be too proud of. That brings you nowhere.

M-R: Following to the media, you call your upcoming album Cosmic Terror a ‘misanthropic work’. What is the reason to call it that way?

It´s not a misanthropic work. It refers to the lyrics as some of them have a misanthropic content. I mean a title like Repugnant Human Scum should speak for itself.

M-R: Previously, after releasing the debut album Sounds of The Vortex, Nuclear Blast put an eye on you. What was your reaction after finding out about a big label being interested in you?

When you release your debut album by yourself because not a single label was interested to sign your band and a short time later the biggest label in the world for metal music is knocking at your door, that´s quite amazing. And it showed us, that all the hard work and persistence will be rewarded somehow at the end.

M-R: Apart from the upcoming album, what other plans has The Spirit?

We will prepare the show for the next super bowl halftime to initiate world peace. I mean what should be the plans for an underground band like us after the release of the album? We will tour and play festivals to promote the album and the band in the best way we can and probably start to write new music.

M-R: Thanks for the interview, buddies! Send cheers to all the readers and tell us your social media to follow the band.

Thank you. I hope we can make it one day to Australia and spread Cosmic Terror over there.


Interview Date: 2019-12-25

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez