Hazzerd – Delirium (Album Review)

Hazzerd - Delirium

Right from the start this record shreds through some notes as if a category 5 hurricane was playing the guitar. Tremolos. Slick picking. When they made the album they must have spent hours with their arms in ice buckets afterwards.

The album is led by two lead guitarists that don’t have to focus on vocals as the drummer takes care of that.

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This then gives them free rein to let their talents loose on focusing on taking turns to tear through our sonic boundaries with solo ladened songs. The rhythm guitar here plays an almost secondary role to the rest. It fills the space and aids to the thrum but never seems to be the focus. The end song aptly called The Outro is a great way of saying to people that we have many ways of doing this with multiple influences which with time will layer up and become great.

Despite the fact that we have highly energetic thrash drums the vocalist still manages to deliver his lines with no less force than if than id he was standing in front of the mic.

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A great thing about the vocals is the range of rhythm patterns and tones. Instead of just singing the words start to end like any other thrash metallers may be inclined to do he plays with inflection and timing that creates an oscilloscope of sound.

The artwork was created by Andrei Bouzikov who has done work for the likes of Havok, Municipal Waste, and Toxic Holocaust.

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It conveys a threatening sense of aggressive white collared horror almost suggesting that the worst of everything is actually those best dressed and running it all while everyone takes a blind eye. I’m still waiting for the reason but the character on the cover is delightfully called Mitsy, which has special significance to the band.

Tracks Listing:

  1. Sacrifice them (In the name of God)
  2. A tormented reality
  3. Sanctuary for the mad
  4. Victim of a desperate mind
  5. Call of the void
  6. Dead in the shed
  7. Illuminated truth
  8. Waking nightmare
  9. The decline
  10. The End (outro)

Release Year: 2020
Label: M-Theory Audio
Category: Album
Country: Canada

Reviewed by Byron Lotz