Envenomed – The Walking Shred (Album Review)

Envenomed - The Walking Shred

Melbourne thrash titans Envenomed has recently been making some serious waves with the new release The Walking Shred, even making it into the fabled pages of Metal Hammer in their albums of the month, and after listening to the album it’s easy to see why.

The Walking Shred has all the elements of modern thrash that the fans love. Massive riffs and twin guitar harmonies from Anthony Mavrikis and Brendan Farrugia form a wall of sonic power and when John Price’s double kick comes in, it makes you want to wreck something. Tom Nugara brings the essential low-end bass, which completes the package perfectly. This album is a great listen from the start, with heavy slabs of (Good) Trivium, Metallica, Testament and a sprinkle of European power metal.

Intro track The Walking Shred seems to pay homage to Metallica, as the guitars slowly leak in, to fill your ears. This album is seriously a great ride and a fantastic listen, the next four tracks fly by, with hooks and riffs just bursting into your ears. The Dead has a distinctly European power metal vibe, while still staying true thrash, an absolute classic track. They even have a strong ballad game, with Fate Closes The Door having its own personality and a chorus that stays with you for days. Every track has monstrous riffs, huge drums, just a fantastic example of how good thrash metal should sound. It makes it even more special the fact that they are Aussie boys, fantastic talent.

If I were to be harsh and look for negatives I would say that the album is slightly long, a little shorter would have me begging for more, where this album feels like a full meal and the last few songs a dessert that tastes great but you were already full in the first place. While I think the cover of Lenny Kravitz’ classic Are You Gonna Go My Way, is great fun, it just feels a little out of place. Plus, while I appreciate the punk-rock nature of the album artwork, in my opinion, I feel it cheapens the professionalism of the album.

The album is so well produced, every song is world-class, I just feel the artwork lets it down slightly. All in all, The Walking Shred is a sensational effort, truly world-class. I can see why the boys in Envenomed are currently touring Europe, this album has the potential to connect with metalheads all over the globe and I truly think it will. Cannot wait to see the guys light up the stage soon.

Release Year: 2019
Label: El Puerto Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Jonathan Hurley