Tir – Awaiting The Dawn (Album Review)

Release Date: April 07th 2023 - Brilliant Emperor Records

Tir - Awaiting The Dawn

Australian-based solo entity Tir follow up the highly regarded ‘Urd Skuld Verdandi’ album with the new  ‘Awaiting The Dawn’ that furthers ideas, soundscapes and deeply personal concepts.

The fifth full-length from Oytun Bektaş is a profoundly philosophical introspective journey that is perfectly suited to the dark folk epic nature of the music, the roots of dungeon synth are still there, but the acoustic elements bring forth honesty and a tangibility that adds incredible weight to the art. The medieval inotations create a sense of history and depth.
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“The path of the Dandelion Seed” and its evocative refrain feels an intimate conversation with a friend, whilst “C’Est La Fin (Part I)” is hauntingly beautiful.
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It’s the space between the notes that conjures images and emotions whilst the choir-esque vocals elevate it above the trees to create a floating intangible sense of mystery .”Where Shadows Dance’ is all too brief and is the counterpoint to the epic ‘’In the Essence of Dying’’ which is thoughtful, respectful and tinged with the sombre tones of regret and longing. My personal highlight is the achingly beautiful “Farewell Ballad “that is stirring, its strings and keys allowing it to enter your subconscious and take root there. Its gentleness speaks volumes that is accompanied by the equally eloquent ‘’An Unspoken Lament”. That is evocative and deeply personal.

‘Awaiting The Dawn’ is an album of enormous thought and depth where each note is struck with such purpose and dignity. Philosophical, introspective, yet also uplifting it is a deeply dense, rewarding experience that is restrained, elegantly crafted and deeply moving.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Brilliant Emperor Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky