Kunvuk – Twitcher (Album Review)

I saw these guys play Neck Wreck last year and they were amazing. They have made some serious changes for this album: The singer-guitarist has become a dedicated vocalist, they have brought a new guitarist on board and the drums are purely programmed now. It seems to be paying dividends as this is already a more focused album with a decidedly more melodic edge. The previous album was very good but the frequent changing of riffs did tend to make the songs a little difficult to focus on. I believe they have corrected that with this album, though it’s still at the more avant-garde end of extreme metal. For those not familiar, Kunvuk has a lean toward samples, effects and electronic sounds with some stop-start riffs, unpredictable changes, bizarre style blends, and generally screamed vocals, though there are some more melodic elements in this album. Ok the album …

Into Twitcher – Starts with church harmonies before breaking into blast beats and he has stepped up the vocal intensity for this one. There are some more melodic offerings already showing in this evolution of Kunvuk.

Networking – This song definitely has more of a Ministry-type feel especially in the intro and breaks into some rap type components. This is not a bad thing and adds a much needed more listenable element to their sound.

Waves – This is where the addition of the new guitarist impresses with the soundscapes he creates. They experiment with some interesting ideas in this song and some are great. This is my favorite track, hands down.

Mexican death pop – Venturing deeper and deeper into electronic territory, this is an unusual song even by Kunvuk standards. It mostly consists of the lyrics “I need you like I need a gun in my hands“. The addition of a rapping style is interesting and they certainly don’t seem to adhere to any particular style 100%. Then again who does these days?

One vote – He certainly knows his way around a drum machine. Fairly intense as usual, but something I can’t put my finger on is missing this time and I just can’t get into this track.

Out of twitcher – Woah! This is different. Normally I am not keen on a band closing an album with a moody, emotional piece as this is, but after the craziness of earlier tracks, it works well to create an unsettling, haunting finish.

Their most accessible offering yet. Not bad at all.

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Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Matt