System Trashed – Warrior (Album Review)

I received this album a short time ago and since then I have listened to it a lot… the reason? Well, I grew up in the 80s and saw the growth of the NWOBHM and earlier bands like Sabbath and Priest – listening to Warrior took me straight back to the time of skinny black jeans and high top Reeboks.

System Trashed has created a hard rock time warp record here; the high-pitched vibrato vocals from guitarist/vocalist Jamie Cooper, especially on the opening to the 3rd song Back on the Street… man, I had chills the first time I heard it – brilliant stuff. Can definitely hear the Priest influence coming out strong.

The sound System Trashed has created fits so perfectly for the 80s hard rock sound that they are inspired by – there are ripping solos, drum fills and solos, and bass lines that beat you down.

I had to keep reminding myself that they are a 3 piece outfit because the sound they produced is full and vibrant and even though it’s not the 1980’s anymore, the song Dead Friends is a dirty-sounding song, fast and thrashy. Tommy J‘s drums are the highlight of this song with tons of effort going into it.

A good band needs a good bass player and Steve Raine fills that job here solid playing and with Tommy creating an impenetrable wall of sound. The song Reason or Rhyme is a great example of this. When Jamie goes into the guitar solo, sometimes in 3 piece bands there can be a drop-off in the power delivery, this is certainly not the case here.

For those who are stuck in the 80s music phase, this is your album to take you to Hard Rock Heaven. System Trashed breathes new life into the hard rock genre before they then give it a swift kick in the balls, saying we’re here and ready to party.

The overall packaging of the cd is also a throwback to the eighties with their logo and cover art. But I like it, we need more denim on the covers.

For a new band, the Brisbane trio surely won’t take long to get a faithful crowd following them. They just need to come down south one day so I can party with them. I really got into Warrior as it took me personally back to a time of innocent fun raising hell, stealing beers for my old man, and partying all night long.

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Release Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham