UNLEASHED: Swedish Death Metal Legends Release New Single and Video “Where Can You Flee?”

[photo credit: Jens Rydén]

Just recently, Swedish death metal legends UNLEASHED announced their new studio album, No Sign of Life, along with the release of their first single, “The King Lost His Crown”. Now, the Einherjar legions of Asgard return with their second single, “Where Can You Flee?”, offering another uncompromising musical weapon that transfers Viking values and traditions into modernity.

Where Can You Flee?” offers hard guitar riffs, blasting drums and rough growls full of anger. The track unravels as an unstoppable war battalion that causes its listeners to lapse into a raving madness and builds up upon UNLEASHED’s well-established trademark sound of true death metal!

Johnny on the new single:
“The Midgard Warriors will never forget nor forgive, the atrocities that occured in Svithiod as the armies of White Christ burned village after village, raped and killed women and children on their way as they fled. Now, as the once so holy city of Jorsala has fallen, the Midgard Warriors pressed on in persecution of those responsible, and the hunt continues into the great Sinai peninsula. Whatever sacred mission lay behind it all, the Midgard Warriors are determined to find the answers. So “Where can you flee?” Where can you go?”

Watch the new video for “Where Can You Flee?” here: