Veonity – Elements Of Power (Album Review)

Release Date: February 18th 2022 - Scarlet Records

VEONITY - Elements Of Power

Veonity is a power metal band from Sweden formed in 2013 releasing their debut album ‘Gladiator’s Tale’ in 2015. The bands sophomore release, was the concept album ‘Into The Void’, released in 2016 and is best described as a dystopic, futuristic space saga. The band’s third album ‘Legend Of The Starborn’, was a sequel to ‘Into The Void’, and was released in 2018. Veonity has toured with bands such as Powerwolf, Freedom Call, and DragonForce, and has performed at the Sweden Rock Festival. ‘Sorrows’, the band’s fourth album, was released in 2020, with the band maintaining their prolific run of album releases, releasing their fifth album in just seven years – ‘Elements Of Power’ emerging in 2022.

And what an album it is! Two tears ago the band was amazed at a barrage of barnstorming power metal courtesy of (fourth album) ‘Sorrows’ – and have gone on to raise the bar with the fucking fantastic ‘Elements Of Power’! Ten songs over a breath-taking fifty minutes will have fans drooling from everywhere… And I mean everywhere! Racing into life, the album is in top gear from song one – ‘Beyond The Realm Of Reality’ a mesmeric march of power and pace. The speed is incredible, ‘Beyond The Realm Of Reality’ steaming ahead with purpose and intent. And the chorus – so melodic and infectious, it’s a sing a long affair for sure. Just how do you follow such an amazing opening? By having an incredibly abnormal surge of energy that’s how courtesy of the lightning-quick ‘The Surge’. A doubling of the pace from the opening salvo sees Veonity race ahead at full tilt. European power metal has a sound all its own, Sweden (along with Germany) one of the most prolific producers of metal bands in Europe.
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Veonity must have access to an unlimited energy supply if they’re to keep this pace up for the entire album.

The breathless pace drops a gear for the heavy-hitting ‘Altar Of Power’ – more of a melodic march than a full-tilt fury. A touch of the anthemic style of metal is present too, with the band showing their prowess for running around the power metal genre rather than just standing still. Title song ‘Elements Of Power’ brings back the electrifying pace of earlier, forging ahead at full steam, with the headbangers of the world letting themselves go, furiously headbanging as though their lives depend on it. And to be honest, the speed of ‘Elements Of Power’ (the song) is quick enough to challenge the likes of Cellador, Victorius, and “kings of speed” DragonForce. ‘Gargoyles Of Black Steel’ is the heaviest song heard so far, owing much of its sound to the heavy metal genre – yet the band power metal roots are firmly standing tall, and very proud. What a great blend from a great band.
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And incredibly, the electrifying pace gets even quicker – ‘Dive Into The Light’ a red hot scorcher of power come to speed metal rampage. The furious headbanging of earlier, is now of the fierce nature, with the danger of neck muscle strains a definite possibility! Crikey, what a fucking great ride this is turning out to be!

‘Facing The Water’ maintains the album’s blistering pace – the breathtaking nature calling for oxygen tanks for all listeners. For, believe me, you’ll likely be out of breath by the time ‘Elements Of Power’ (the album) comes to an end! Veonity appeared on my radar four years ago with the mammoth ‘Legend Of The Starborn’, a quite breathless romp of superb power metal – and have gone on to excel on their further two albums! ‘Blood Of The Beast’ relaxes the fast and furious pedal to the metal nature, opting for a more mid-tempo, mighty melodic stomp. Yet the intoxicating whirlwind display of power metal is just as infectious and catchy as it has been all albums. And again, the band incorporates elements of other metal styles from over the power metal border, this time the hustle and bustle style is combined with their root sound for ‘Curse Of The Barren Plains’ – a loud and proud thunderstorm of heaviness. What a variation in their sound, and no apparent awkward transitions either, everything flowing like lava down a volcano…all-encompassing and unstoppable – and red fucking hot too! The album’s final hurrah, ‘Return To The Land Of Light’ is also a return to the electrifying pace of earlier, although this time around the band blends energetic pace with some less energetic passages.

Overall, a fantastic and fiery romp of all-out power metal combining blistering speed with a mighty melodic edge.


Beyond The Realm Of Reality
The Surge
Altar Of Power
Elements Of Power
Gargoyles Of Black Steel
Dive Into The Light
Facing The Water
Blood Of The Beast
Curse Of The Barren Plains
Return To The Land Of Light

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Scarlet Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, Metal Gods TV, and Metal-Roos.