VERIKALPA – Tunturihauta (Album Review)

Release Date: January 21st 2022 - Scarlet Records

VERIKALPA – Tunturihauta

The energetic Finnish sextet Verikalpa has returned with its third full-length release. An ode to the gods and to ale a journey to the mountain tomb that is Tunturihauta.

Far more aggressive than previous album ‘Tuoppitanssi’ tracks like “Riitti” blaze with energy and true metal power, the traditional folk elements are a constant throughout, yet they never overshadow the excellent heavy moments. Tunturihauta is infectious as it is heavy and gallops along at fierce swiftness its subject matter is serious yet enjoyable.

‘’Kalmoarmeija’’ bristles with fun, excitement, and ‘Taisto”’ captures an almost symphonic element to its traditional language storytelling, its refrains memorable, catchy, that linger long after the ringing in your ears.

The music reflects the cold fields of winter and battle yet also the warmth of the tavern and ale. “‘Rautanen Herra’ tells its story of delusions of grandeur with anger and humor at an absolute cracking pace, the accordion working overtime here, ‘’ Jotunimmalja’’ is another anthem combining some excellent moments of speed. The title track dials it back just a touch to create a mid-paced stomper that lets its moments resonate.

Verilkalpa absolutely revels in their Folk Metal tag and their love for both true metal and the traditional may at times sound familiar, yet it is infused with a sense of style and fun all their own. Some of the Polka is over the top but it is supposed to be. Unafraid to combine the symphonic metal within their songs Tunturihauta will please the diehard folk metal maniacs whilst also converting a few new ones to their cause as well.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Scarlet Records
Category: Album
Country: Finland

Reviewed by Sparky