Victoria K (Australia)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Victoria. It’s an honour to have you here.

Victoria K: Thank you so much for having me.

MR: Tell us about your project, that right now is making.

Victoria K: Essentia is our debut album and it actually started as a solo project which developed into the current band structure.  We all came together before the Eluveitie support gig in May 2019. We’ve tried to keep each song on the album quite unique from the others but that still come together to give a cool unified vibe. The press and fans have been really very positive about what we have put together on this album. It is really the culmination of many years of work and we really can’t wait to share what we have created.  

MR: When was the moment that you said: “I want to do this”?

Victoria K: I’ve always known I wanted to be a performer/singer. There has never really been any other choice for me. I’ve had a lot of family and friends, over the years, ask me what my Plan B is just in case music doesn’t work out.  There is no Plan B. There’s only ever been a Plan A and I put everything I have into that.

MR: Last year, you released the song Lacuna. Before that, a few days ago, you released The haunting. How was the reception of them?

Victoria K: Lacuna received a really good reception and got people talking about the project. The Lacuna release linked in with the Eluveitie support which really gave it a good boost. After teaming up with Rockshots Records came The Forsaken and The Haunting releases which have been very well received globally, with lots of press. 

MR: On April 24, your debut album Essentia will be out worldwide. We can’t wait to listen to it. What can you tell about your first album?

Victoria K: The word Essentia is Latin for essence and the album explores the essence of people. People are very complicated and our inner worlds really become our reality.  Each song explores and hones in on a different part of that inner world, that complex emotion and thought we all experience. Therefore, the album is full of melancholy and macabre like themes and sounds.

There seems to be good energy about the release of the full album and we are extremely excited to be working with Rockshots Records on the release of Essentia.The album already appears on large global online stores throughout Europe, Japan and North America. The Rockshots Records Official Store can be found at where fans can pre-order Essentia.

MR: Last year, you were supporting the Swiss giants Eluveitie in Melbourne, how was that experience?

Victoria K: Now, that was an incredible experience. The Melbourne fans would have to be some of the best supporters in the World. The energy in the room was incredible and we could really feel the connection to the crowd from the stage.  It was really surreal considering no one had ever heard our songs before but they all got right into it.

To play the same stage as one of the biggest Metal bands on the planet today is an indescribable experience.  All the members of Eluveitie are just absolutely beautiful people, we got to hang out a little after the show and they were all so kind, humble and giving. I cherish all their advice and support and am honoured to have Michalina Malisz feature on Essentia.

MR: Any new plans for you? Apart from the debut album release.

Victoria K: The main focus is on the album release and getting in heard globally. We do have plans to tour Europe as soon as we can all travel again and we are working towards making that happen.  

MR: Leave some words to all the metal fans.

Victoria K: A huge thank you to all our fans for your support and to all metal fans. We would not be creating the music we do unless we had all of you out there listening and supporting us.  For that we are very grateful. Please take care in these uncertain times and we look forward to seeing you all on tour in the very near future.  

MR: Thanks Victoria, it’s an honour to interview you here. All the best to you.

Victoria K: Thank you for having me. It was really great taking with you. All the best to you all at Metal-Roos as well.


Interview Date: 2020-04-11

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez