Yeah, Sick! releases second single/video “John Wick’s Dog’ from upcoming album

Yeah, Sick!

Fresh off the release of their first single ‘Living Hamburger’, Victoria hardcore/metal duo YEAH, SICK! are hitting us with another single and music video from their debut album ‘Set to Devour Us All‘. ‘John Wick’s Dog‘, inspired by singer Liam (Frosty) Frost-Camilleri’s love for the Keanu Reeves film, offers another side of the band’s sound.

“I wanted something that was straight up and down, no-nonsense but with a catchy, almost stoic melody. Something that reflects John Wick’s nature really…,” Frosty explains. Going on to describe the beginning beat, Frosty explains how drummer Ben loved being challenged by it. “It is such a fun beat, something that really makes you want to dance, and for a metal drummer like Ben, that can be a bit of a challenge!”

When discussing the film clip for the single, Frosty states “it turns out that it takes a lot of effort to make something seem cheap and tacky”. The music video that accompanies the track features snippets of the first John Wick movie with the member’s faces pasted onto the characters. A smiling Ben can be seen over Keanu Reeves and Frosty over the character Iosef Tarasov (played by Alfie Allen)- really capturing the mood of the track.

Both ‘John Wick’s Dog’ and ‘Living Hamburger’ can be found on the band’s debut album ‘Set to Devour Us All’, which will be released on June 26th. For now, though, you can check out the two singles on the band’s YouTube. With a few weeks left, the current releases are just the beginning, so keep an eye out for what antics YEAH, SICK! will get up to next.

The album, ‘Set to Devour Us All’ is available for preorder on their Bandcamp here:



Yeah, Sick! - Set To Devour Us All