Yriel: Released diverse new EP ‘In Retrospect’

The progressive metal band Yriel who released two singles in April has now unleashed their debut EP In Retrospect.

The band’s founder Ivo Laanelind said that he has been working on the material for a few years now, but the music didn’t quite fit his former endeavors: “so it was a logical step to start a new project to fill this niche I had in mind.”

Laanelind also brought out that based on the singles, the listeners have drawn parallels to artists like System of a Down, Nevermore and Mastodon, whose fans might also enjoy Yriel’s music. “We have put in effort to sound just like Yriel, but these comparisons are also appreciated because they help the right audiences to find us,” he added.

The often bipolar lyrics range from pompous celebratory hymns to pieces of hyper critical reflection – the singer-lyricist Kris Kirs opens up: “insecurity and anxiety colour every song’s lyrics on In Retrospect, sometimes in form of self-accusatory ramblings, other times as tales of imaginary swindlers and snake oil salesmen trying to influence and steer one’s path. Combined with the ever changing progressive instrumentals, this creates a perfect chaos where you never really know what each story has in store.”

In Retrospect by Yriel is available worldwide on most of the major music platforms.

Yriel was founded in 2017 in Estonia by guitarist Ivo Laanelind (ex-Tankist) who soon recruited bassist Margus Traumann (Tankist, Loits). The new EP also features vocalist Kris Kirs and drummer Tanel Palmroos. In Retrospect was mixed and mastered by Risto Virkhausen and designed by Fengarm.

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