Silent Knight - Masterplan

Silent Knight – Masterplan (Album Review)

Silent Knight is a relatively young band, only having been around since 2009. They’re also a bit of an anomaly in the Australian metal spectrum, being just about the only band from their home state […]


Vanity Riots – Ambulance (EP Review)

Sydney’s Vanity Riots have made a few waves in the local music scene since first forming back in 2010. Playing an interesting blend of heavy music that falls somewhere between late 80’s glam rock, metalcore […]

Dungeon – Resurrection

Dungeon – Resurrection (Re-Issue Review)

A Comparision between Original and Recording When looking over the Sydney metal scene over the years, few bands had the power, the variety or the sheer staying power of the mighty Dungeon. Rising from humble […]

Exit For Freedom - Exit For Freedom

Exit For Freedom – Exit For Freedom (EP Review)

Upon my initial listen to Newcastle’s Exit For Freedom’s self-titled EP, I was quite surprised by what I heard. When looking into this band on several sources, I’d seen them labelled as progressive thrash, and […]

Head In Jar

Head In A Jar – Atomic Circus (EP Review)

The Sydney metal scene has always been a bit of a hotbed for thrash metal, with the scene here giving birth to some of our country’s most important and widely recognized thrash acts. Casual listeners […]