Hematic – Ace Of Cups (Album Reviews)

Track 1 ‘intro’ starts with a beautiful piece of guitar work, unusual for such a heavy band as an instrumental song to start an album.

Track 2 ‘ascension’ also starts with a combination of clean and heavy guitar before a huge scream resonates to get the track rolling.

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The track is sounding quite black metal-like and I really like it.

Track 3 ‘conjuring malice’ is more wicked guitar work with a combination of death metal/deathcore vocals that give it a lot of punch. The song ends at a furious pace.

Track 4 ‘hollows’ starts with a nice clean guitar part with a little melodic solo over the top.

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It then moves into some nice clean vocals until halfway through the song and the death vocals kick in a very cool song.

Track 5 ‘fate dwells’ starts with a huge deathcore vocal style with up-tempo drumming that has a good beat. The bridge reverts back to the clean guitar to close the track.

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Track 6 ‘darling, dearest, dead’ once again starts with clean guitar work and continues through the entire song which I really enjoyed.

The final track ’empty vessels’ is most definitely the heaviest song on the album showing great guitar play and drumming with a wicked tempo and dual sounding vocals with even a more deathcore presence about it.

Overall I really liked this album and give it 4 out of 5 roos.

Release Year: 2013
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Scott Max Wells