Danger Angel - Revolutia

Danger Angel – Revolutia (Album Review)

Danger Angel is a band that broke out in the Greek hard rock/metal scene with their 2010 self-titled debut album bringing with them the 80’s LA cock rock/metal sound into the here & now. Since […]


Hematic – Ace Of Cups (Album Reviews)

Track 1 ‘intro’ starts with a beautiful piece of guitar work, unusual for such a heavy band as an instrumental song to start an album. Track 2 ‘ascension’ also starts with a combination of clean […]


Continuum – A Better Way (EP Review)

Hailing from Brisbane, Continuum play a no-nonsense brand of modern rock with heavy guitars and a solid rhythm section. Despite playing together since 2005, the bands’ new EP, ‘A Better Way’, represents their first recorded […]

Blood Luxury - Trance

Blood Luxury – Trance (EP Review)

Tassie band Blood Luxury is not a bad bunch of guys and is doing their best for the death metal scene. Track one ‘trance’ starts of with some cool intricate guitar melodies with just as […]


Avarin – Requiem (Album Review)

I don’t go much on power metal but Avarin is quite good. The first 2 tracks ‘The unwilling’ and ‘Turn of the tides’ sound very Iron Maiden but with a bit more style and ferocity. […]


Ghost BC – Infestissumum (Album Review)

So I have now had a few good listens to the new Ghost album, Infestissumum. It is different to the first album yet instantly recognizable as them. The harmonies are all still there with deliberately […]