Anorexia Isan (Venezuela)

Metal-Roos: Greetings John, welcome to the interview for Metal-Roos from Australia. Tell us a little bit about Anorexia Isan.

ANOREXIA ISAN is kind of a vehicle for a lot of different feelings that everybody out there can relate to, which translates them into sounds. A way to put away a lot of demons, in order to transform them into something interesting, avoiding all negativity which could be related to an original thought, and then turning into a positive thing: music. Kind of a mind tool, if you want to call it that way.

M-R: There’s an important event coming up in Venezuela, which leads into the Melomaniac Awards, a very important movement. How do you feel in being included in the cartel?

I still remember the first time I saw a compilation from this record label, Melomaniac, which included a lot of bands from our scene back in the day, more than 10 years ago, and it blew me away! For real!

For me is really important to be part of this festival, and to play a festival like this was kind of a reached goal! It’s kind of the big party for music which remains behind the mainstream curtain here, where each featured band had worked really hard to be included. Every step we, and the other bands included, have made, helped to build the scene. That makes me really proud in a way.

M-R: You announced that there’s an upcoming album called The Sad Album. What can you say about the moment of the mentioned album?

I can’t tell very much about this album, but it’s gonna be very different from Parazetamol, for sure! There are some other international artists’ collaborations in some songs, which is great! The Sad Album is kind of a conceptual album, which talks about topics like suicide, depression, the loss of loved ones, but with a positive turn at the very end. Anorexia Isan

I would say it’s a trip from anger, death and finally reaching a peace of mind destination. There are a lot of angels out there, hiding behind all the creepy and bad things that happen to all of us everyday, and we just need to believe they are there, just waiting for us to take their hands and find peace. It is up to us.

The album is seven or eight months of work, so I’m very excited to see the reaction once the album is released. Can’t wait! 

M-R: In the previous works of the band, it looks that you were over various rock and metal genres. What inspired you to vary it and not to be “stuck” inside a same genre?

Music is too big for limiting your creativity down to a label. It wouldn’t be very interesting to write and play music if you are supposed to be called “this” or “that”. There are a lot of different things out there which can inspire you as a musician, that are going to give different shapes to your music everyday as well. You can avoid transforming into the shadow of something else.That’s my way to understand the whole creative process. Shadows never shine more than an original body.

M-R: How do you see the Venezuelan metal scene?

That’s a complicated thing to answer. I think the scene is gonna exist as long as bands like us, and a lot out there exist! We have to accept each other as a collective, that there is not an industry behind this in our country, and we are supposed to do this by ourselves. In any case, with some differences, our situation regarding rock and metal music is a very common issue worldwide. Or at least it is in South America.

M-R: How is Anorexia Isan prepared for 2019?

Of course I’m anxious with all things related with our upcoming album, The Sad Album, and we want to keep touring. It’s been a non-stop three years run, and thinking about the future, we have nothing except big expectations. Support Music, not Rumours!!!

M-R: Send some cheers to all the readers.

Thanks a lot for the interview, and for giving me the chance to share a little about ANOREXIA ISAN! Stay tuned! Hope you like the upcoming album!

You can hear Anorexia Isan’s álbum Parazetamol clicking on this link:

Interview Date: 2018-11-26

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez