Arrecho (Venezuela)

M-R: Saludos Arrechos! Bienvenidos a la entrevista de parte de la familia Metal-Roos, un gran placer tenerlos a ustedes aquí.  (Greetings Arrechos! Welcome to the interview from the Metal-Roos family, a great pleasure to have you here.)

R: The pleasure is ours. An honor to be between the bits and bytes of the tireless Metal-Roos.

M-R: Great! Tell us a little bit about ARRECHO in the world of metal.

R: It is difficult for us to talk about what our work means for the metal scene, but we can say that nobody expected it. Especially coming from musicians who were part of emblematic bands of Venezuelan Death Metal in the 90s. The first doubts of the audience were transformed in a base of loyal followers, inside and outside the country, who like the direct style of the band and the corrosive lyrics about anyone’s day-to-day life, including politics, faith, love and, of course, alcohol. Also, connected as we are with the spirit of the late 60’s and early 70’s, we get carried away by the dynamics of each concert and improvise enough so that no presentation is equal to another.

M-R: Which musical influences take you to create what you call “Sheer Fucking Rock ’n’ Roll”?

R: Our inspiration is firmly rooted in the Blues and the Hard Rock of the 60/70s. It is easy to hear the influence of Howling Wolf in my way of singing or Willie Dixon in the musical structure, along with the ease of groups like Rose Tattoo, Buffalo or Ramones. All this, added to our experience in the metal scene, results in what we have called “Sheer Fucking Rock’n’Roll”.

M-R: In these last years you have been very active in the scene – four productions in four years, how do you feel about your work up to this moment?

R: Pleased but not quite, because we are always looking for something more to give, something that is memorable for the public. That is why we strive to create concepts rather than a handful of new songs. Even so, the four productions that we have edited (Demo 2014, Rock’n’Roll, Maldito Tú and Offensive and Acoustic) have given us great satisfaction to reach so far in such a short time, showing us just as we are. In fact, as if the public support was not enough, thanks to these works we have been part of the soundtrack of two Uruguayan films of the producer Impar Films (Peste en Tacua and Tacuaremboense Immortal) and with our version of Shylock, of the Australians BUFFALO, we got the support of Dave Tice himself by giving us his approval on our YouTube page. All this fills us with pride, which forces us to do it better and better.

M-R: In the same time period, you also have been recognized with multiple awards in the Venezuelan metal scene. Of all of them, which award was the most important during your trajectory?

R: Although it sounds cliché, all have been very important, but winning the Best Song award for Maldito Tú at the Melomaniac Rock & Metal Awards was somewhat surreal. When you write a song you hope that, in addition to expressing yourself, you can communicate with many people. We feel this when people sing our songs live, but a prize for a song has a weight of “formality” that you never expect.

M-R: What kind of reception do the band receive from the people when all of you are on stage? How do you feel when performing?

R: Fantastic! Sometimes the concerts remind me of The Endless Party, by Peter Sellers, where anything Arrechocan happen. We have a very direct relationship with the public. Before, during and after the shows we talk to people, we shake hands, we take pictures. We don´t play the role of rock-stars, it does not suit us. All those moments on stage we receive so much energy from the public that we can only be grateful.

M-R: How do you look to the bands that work hard and create good music in these times, both in the national and international scene?

R: We see them with admiration, because the challenges are bigger. Now you must not only deal with writing good songs but also with all the tasks of production, planning and financing that you previously left in the hands of others. This gives the musicians more freedom, more opportunities, but also puts a lot of worthless music on the street. Of course, the latter is not a problem because the public is not stupid, but you must know how to promote yourself to reach the place you have set as your goal.

M-R: Any projects in the future? Will ARRECHO be around for a long time?

R: We are currently working on two projects: the production of a new album and a live set with an unusual repertoire. Apart from that we must record some things that we have saved and resume the acoustic tour and take it to other towns and countries that we haven’t been to. Yes, definitely, there will be ARRECHO for a long time. 

M-R: Anything to say to all the readers?

R: Thanks for taking the time to read the words of a gang of crazy people from a very distant land. We hope to be eloquent enough so that you want to listen to our music! And above all, keep on rocking until the end. Thanks, Jhoss! Thanks Metal-Roos!

Thanks, Arrecho for this great interview.

Interview Date: 2018-11-15

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez