Curse of the Seas by Aria

Metal is our common language, and while metal might have moved into more positive areas at times, there are still those that hold a glimpse of the original beginnings of this style of music. These metalheads hail from all over the world including, in Aria’s case, Russia. Drawing primarily from the NWOBHM for inspiration, Aria’s newest album Curse of the Seas, is a showcase of amazing ability.

Some fantastic riffage and melodies are supported with a strong backline of bass and drums. The songs range from grand and epic pieces to uplifting and even old school rock. The strongest part of this release is the difference between tracks. It breeds legitimacy to making a 70+ minute album and keeps the release interesting which is great for repeated listening. This no nonsense release has some of the most accomplished vocals you’ll hear in this genre. The language barrier is all but removed with the technical ability and emotional connection the music creates.

But I will say, additional polish could have been used in post-production, not so much in the vocals, but some of the sections are a little thin – but this is me being picky and definitely isn’t a show stopper. Suitable for those who are nostalgic and want to hear the humble beginnings of the genre renewed.

Release Year: 2018
Label: Sliptrick Records
Category: album
Country: Russia

Reviewer: Liam Frost-Camilleri

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