Decay – Thornmenthorn (Album Review)

Release Date: September 21st 2021 - Loud Rage Music

After over 25 years in the Romanian Scene. Decay finally unleashes their debut album Thornmenthorn a release that exemplifies the toughness of their spirit and devotion to extreme metal.

Taking their origins of heavy metal and thrash and mutating them into a deathened, black metal onslaught, what Decay may lack in pure originality Thornmenthorn bristles with energy and a nothing but supremely heavy approach. The spoken/screamed intros are portents of what is to come. ‘’Evilution’’ takes the 2/4 stop of thrash and imbues it with vitriol and aggression, the rhythm section tight and the riffing furious. “Brutal Aggression” is subversive with its bass/drum intro before delving into their trademark stomping, Goats Vocals are tough, scathing, and downright guttural combine that with some hellish black metal wails and you have metal born in the hellfire of the abyss. The man is at war with its very existence.

The Primordial Force that drives Decay is taking scant regard for subtlety. Thornmenthorn is a heavy, hostile album that has also had moments of melody with tracks “Baalanar” and ‘For a Seizable Reality” yet never offers respite from its all-attack approach of which “Vortex” is a fitting example.

Fans of honest deathened/black metal take heed, Decay demands your absolute attention with power and utter aggro. Let us hope album number two does not take as long!

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Loud Rage Music
Category: Album
Country: Romania

Reviewed by Sparky