Genune – Inert and Unnering (Album Review)

Release Date: April 25th 2022 - Loud Rage Music

Romanian Trio Genune takes all the fantastic out of extreme/black metal and delivers a grounded incredibly relevant album where the human emotion takes precedence, its textures all-encompassing.

Inert And Unnering is a melancholic and personal album of such size and stature the album cover features Vocalist Dragos’ Grandmother with her family. It is bold and sets the standard within. The music is intense and all-encompassing the black metal a reflection of the band’s innermost thoughts and feelings, at times a cathartic release of pent-up anger and aggression.

As a follow-up to Cern Sol, Genune pursue the all too real human condition. An album as real as a cry in the dark or plea for help. It is no surprise that Genune translates to Abyss or Precipice. Album Opener ‘’Unworthy Sons & Daughters’’ enshrouds you immediately with purpose and intent. Tangible. Real.

The Drumming is furious and the guitar haunting as the main riff to “To Drown Within Yourself,” proves. It is thick, the rhythm section intense the dynamics between mid-tempo to blast all purposeful, nothing is wasted, the vocals reflecting the tortured soul. Anguished, whispered, defiant, hurt. It is heavy, gloriously heavy, the drone effect adding to the claustrophobia without delving into shoegaze. ‘’The Pyre Of Autumn’’ foreboding, its acoustic elements offer little respite, this is post-black metal excellence.

Hauntingly real and tangibly emotive. Genune has created a piece of art that reflects the human psyche and all its internal struggles made real via music. There is no requirement for fantasy when the demons are real and a reflection of the environment that surrounds them. An album enhanced by your own personal experience. The fact that Inert and Unnering is also incredibly heavy and musically demanding is the perfect accompaniment to such a brutal yet rewarding experience. Unmissable.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Loud Rage Music
Category: Album
Country: Romania

Reviewed by Sparky