Dust & Bones: Release Artwork & Tracklist Of New Album “Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet”


Dust & Bones

DUST & BONES release the cover and tracklist of their fifth album “Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet”, which will be released on January 26th, 2024.  The explanation of the album artwork is clear and simple:

“When we make music together, we feel like we’re on another, a very cool rock’n’roll planet. It’s been that way since the band was founded.
With album number 5, we are back on this planet… landed… check!”

So nothing stands in the way of another milestone of “High Energy Dirt Rock”!

Cover artwork:
Markus R. Weller (cover design and artwork)

DUST & BONES are back to have fun … and bring fun!

For over two decades, the five Swabians have not allowed themselves to be pressed into any clothing. Their energetic mixture of riffy punk rock, dark heavy rock with metal attitudes and uncompromisingly dirty rock’n’roll, as well as the unusual line-up with two completely different singers and the earthy, deep-dirty guitar sound, are looking for its equal. Distinguished by their high recognition value and exceptional charisma, they have been delighting rock and metal enthusiasts alike with their legendary live performances for many years. With their fifth studio album “Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet” and 11 brand new tracks, DUST & BONES manage in an impressive manner to capture this unbridled brutal live energy on record and to captivate fans across genres. Audible fun and playing joy are obviously in the foreground … always authentic, always with melody and always with a certain wink. Fans of the Ramones, Rose Tattoo, Danko Jones, Motörhead and Turbonegro will take this special piece of “High Energy Dirt Rock” into their hearts, for everyone else it’s warmly recommended to their rockers heart!

01 – Mission start
02 – UR R’N’R
03 – Move
04 – Remedy
05 – Out on that road
06 – Feel good07 – Earth stood still today
08 – For all the good and the bad
09 – Electricity
10 – Planet 5
11 – People strange
12 – This is not the end