EVILCULT – The Devil is Always Looking for Souls (Album Review)

Release Date: March 31st 2023 - Awakening Records

EVILCULT - The Devil is Always Looking for Souls.

Brazil’s Evilcult continues their quest and collaboration with the unholy one on their second release, the aptly titled The Devil is Always Looking for Souls.

From the opening moments of ‘Speed Metal Fire’ with its chanting ode, this is a full-on metal assault complete with cavernous drums razor sharp guitars, and the blackened aggro throat (With the odd wail) of Lucas from Hell that completes the unholy triumvirate of musicians that have crafted a new album that is a tribute to the masters of eighties metal without ever, ever copying them.

The riffing on ‘’ Ancient Power’’ is razor sharp, and its brief harmonies glorious, whilst ‘’ Chants of the Night’’ begins as a pure metal song before doubling up into a 2/4 attack, the drumming of Mateus Blasphemer is furious and unhinged. Capturing the essence of True Heavy Metal, the power and swagger of the original black metal in the UK, Euro Teutonic speed and the might of thrash, Evilcult is never derivative yet aware of its responsibilities. To be true to the spirit of metal at all times and those that inspire it.

‘’Call of Evil’’ and the epic ‘’Die in Hell” is metal upon metal with melodic solos, memorable riffs, and touches of evil organ to accompany some mighty galloping sections.

For the discerning fans of satanic speed/black/thrash metal,‘’ The Devil is Always Looking for Souls’’ is a raw, uncompromising fist in the air that defies modern conventions. A breath of fresh evil air that captures pure metal’s glory and power!

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Brazil

Reviewed by Sparky