German Melodic Death Metal In Sanity shares new video “Support Your Metal”

In Sanity

Paderborn’s IN SANITY ensure clear conditions. Their message “Support Your Metal” leaves no room for doubt. It’s about nothing less than preserving the heavy metal culture. “Support Your Metal” is a call to all musicians, organizers and fans alike.

Today the band releases the accompanying video, produced by Ruben Waldhöfer, which features many stars of the German metal scene: Steffi Stuber – Mission In Black, Alex Kraft – Dezperadoz, Dirty Deeds, Onkel Tom, Andreas “Gerre” Geremia – Tankard, Jack The Riffer – Generation Steel, Jörn Rüter – Kneipenterroristen, Remedy Records, Lorenz Kandolf  – Traitor, Rezet, Ross Thompson – Van Canto, Tom Angelripper – Sodom, Onkel Tom, Uwe Lulis – Accept, Uwe Lulis Project, Musiklaberallianz

The band makes the following statement: The past two years have been tough. Damn hard. Hard for the bands, hard for the fans, hard for the organizers, hard for the entire music scene. But the metal scene has some of the most passionate, loyal and crazy fans out there, so there’s hope that things are on the up. is it uphill Is everything back to how it used to be? NO That’s exactly why the song “Support Your Metal” comes at exactly the right time. The song “Support Your Metal” is intended to be both a tribute to the fans and a call to support all the bands and promoters who are now returning to live operations. It takes a jolt through the scene. A new “we” feeling, a step into a new/old time. It is a return to old strength, but the way to a new, stronger connection. Let’s raise the hammer of allegiance and reignite the fire of passion. Our slogan “Support Your Insanity” becomes SUPPORT YOUR METAL! Stand together, support bands and promoters, go to concerts and celebrate this scene like you have done before. Together, we will do it! SUPPORT YOUR INSANITY!!! SUPPORT YOUR METAL!!!

In Sanity singer Erik Sollmann further comments: We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this video. With this song “Support Your Metal” we all want to bow to the fans and draw attention to supporting all bands and promoters. Let’s get back up together and rekindle the fire of metal. In November our album “For We Triumph” will be released and will take you on a new musical journey through the madness of IN SANITY.

The “New Wave Of German Melodic Death Metal” is back with its usual strength. IN SANITY announce a new album for 2022. The new work “For We Triumph”, which was produced in the GREENMAN Studios, will be released on November 25th, 2022. Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann is also responsible for the mix and mastering of “For We Triumph”.