German post-hardcore outfit Our Mirage release new single ‘Summertown’

Our Mirage

German Post-hardcore outfit Our Mirage have released their new single ‘Summertown‘!

Summertown comes from the bands latest album Unseen Relations which featured previous single, Lifeline, and is primed to set you on fire with positive vibes celebrating life, love, friendship and all the great stuff to do together in this world.

Hailing out of Marl, Germany, this four piece Post-Hardcore group really hits you deep in your emotions. From the ambient music to the emotional lyrics that really strike a nerve, Our Mirage offers a vast variety of elements that many of us can relate to. This young group is becoming known for the emotion that they pour into their music and their latest release Unseen Relations takes that line even deeper. The group largely focuses on the problems that our youth deal with internally but their music doesn’t just speak to them, it is very intuitive of the problems and struggles that we all deal with on a common basis. Their second album was released through Arising Empire, on February 7th 2020.

Unseen Relations is out now: