Yeah, Sick! released new video ‘Spill Your Guts’ from debut album “Set To Devour Us All”

Yeah, Sick!

After a whopping 4 film clips for their debut, Australian hardcore metallers Yeah, Sick! have dropped yet another clip to support their album: Set To Devour Us All!. In line with their other film clips where they used friends from the Australian metal scene, this clip for their track ‘Spill Your Guts‘ features the most yet. Written from the perspective of a zombie trying to devour its prey, this clip is drawn in a comic book style, making it unique and different from the other clips created by the duo. “It would be good to make it an actual comic book someday, it was so much fun to make,” said vocalist/bassist Liam “Frosty” Frost-Camilleri.

The track itself borders between comedy metal and a look at the horrors of life. “We like to tread the line a bit and try to push a few boundaries. Not too serious and not too silly. Somewhere where metal heads won’t know how they feel and hardcore fans can get in the mosh,” Liam said. The track starts with a clip from the famous zombie -themed movie “Shaun of the Dead”, setting the parody mood for the rest of the track. When asked where too from here, Liam said that the future for Yeah, Sick! looked bright indeed. “I have been writing more stuff and recently sent it to Ben to see what he thinks. He was super keen and wants to be in the studio as early as December this year! We’ll have to see through, but it’s certainly a lot of fun writing this stuff!”

The album, ‘Set to Devour Us All’ is available on their Bandcamp page here:



Yeah, Sick! - Set To Devour Us All