HELFRÓ Release Soul-Stirring Second Track ‘Ildi Óhreins Anda’


Icelandic black metal ensemble HELFRÓ are back with their sophomore album Tálgröf – a project inspired by the dark manifestations of the human mind. The sickness of humankind is explored through intense rhythmic passages, fusing the extremities of traditional death metal together with sombre, introspective lyrical convictions.

On the second single ‘Ildi Óhreins Anda’, meaning Oxygen for the Unclean Spirit in English, a melodic, chugging groove is set while shrieking vocals howl away on humanity’s exceptional ability to deceive. The track ultimately culminates in Tálgröf‘s most destructive sounding drums & supersonic tremolo-picked guitar.

“The lyrics for this song revolve specifically about lying. How lying to others can benefit your cause and help throw people off the trail as you plan to do them harm, and how lying is a right that the manipulator should exercise whenever they can,” says Ragnar. “Lying is the foundation of their success, the oxygen that they breathe to survive.”

Watch the visualizer video for ‘Ildi Óhreins Anda’, created by Jeffrey V. Daniels.