Impact Is Imminent by Cyclophonia

Another interesting album cover that wouldn’t look out of place on a computer game rather than a music CD.

This is another release from Battlegod Productions so I had a bit of an idea of what to expect when putting it on seeing as the last CD I reviewed was from the same label.

If you like your metal fast with plenty of double bass drum & vocal high notes you are going to love this album. And you know what although I wouldn’t say I loved it I did like it… alot. I’m not 100% sure what I can compare it to but because I’m more of a heavy rock fan myself rather than metal strictly speaking so there’s not many albums in my collection that sound like this. It’s perhaps a little bit Manowar/Iron Maiden/Malmsteen Rising Force but i’m not sure if even that description is quite right.

What I can say is the production is spot on & sounds to these ears like exactly what an album like this should sound like. All instuments sit perpectly in the mix & come through the speakers distinctly. The double guitar melodies are handled exceptionally by Havar Robertson & Oysten Kville Hanssen as are the vocal harmonies by the 2 singers Andreas Angell & Kai Joar Kristensen (yes I did say 2 singers).

At a running time on around 35 minutes for the 8 tracks the album is all killer and zero filler. The high note histrionics started to wear a little bit on me towards the end but that’s not to say they didn’t fit the song. My favourite tune on the album is probably "The Hero" which is the least metal of them all of them and brought to mind the album Mood Swings by Harem Scarem while my least favourite I would have to say was "Die by my sword" which probably was the most symphonic of them.

This album is a worthy addition for any fans of Battle/Symphonic hard rock music & one that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking to discover a new band playing this style. These guys are going places!

Release Year: 2012

Reviewer: Chris Xynos