Temtris – Masquerade (Album Review)

Temtris - Masquerade

Hailing from Nowra, NSW, Temtris is an outfit that is giving us a genre-mixing delight with this 10 track album. Featuring snippets of Doom, Gothic, Rock, and Thrash, they’ve molded together tracks that will cater to all metal tastes, including those not of the heavy nature.

Featuring members Genevieve Rodda (vocals), Llew Smith (Guitar/Vocals), Anthony Roberts (Guitar), Dale Green (Bass), and Ben Hart (Drums), “Masquerade” has the ability to get your head crushing to the heavy elements then let you down with at times muffled sounding guitars and backing death styled vocals which seem to sound out of place, with Genevieve’s stunning voice you get into a rhythm with the music and then there’s these guttural, almost gore grind sounding gargles which to me is unnecessary, if for the reason to make the music sound more heavy or brutal.

Musically Temtris is an excellent well-drilled band, and with better production could improve tenfold, there are times when the product lacks some balls with this release and needs a bit of clarity as the music seems to blend in together certain areas and just needs some cleaning up. It’s a real shame for these guys as I know studio time and recording have a huge financial burden on bands but an improved sound on this album could have been a completely different story. Genevieve’s vocals are the undoubted star of this recording, powerful and beautiful and keep you drawn in, supported kindly by the band but as I said, the better sound will make a better listen.

Temtris have the ability to really mark an on the Australian music scene with their style and hopefully, down the track, they’ll get the opportunity to do this, this album is definitely worth a listen to, and their live shows are worth popping your head in for a good night, as hearing them live really does give them the credit they deserve.

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Release Year: 2007
Label: Battlegod Productions
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Hayden G.M.