K.A.Z (Sweden)

Metal Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, K.A.Z. It’s a great privilege to have you here.

Thank you very much for having us.

M-R: Tell our readers a little bit about K.A.Z.

We are a female-fronted metal band from Sweden that’s founded in 2013. Our sound is a mixture of influences from various artists, such as Bullet for my valentine, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Sparzanza. The thing that makes us different is that we have a female singer and two guys who do the growls. With all these ingredients, we get a good dynamic in the sound.

M-R: Recently in August, your debut album was released, how was the reception of your first record with the public?

It was incredibly well met. Our fans have asked about the album every show we did since 2017. The biggest Swedish site for rock news “Rocknytt” even wrote an article about it. It was a great summer as well because we had a couple of gigs at different festivals around Sweden lined-up so our fans could watch us play our songs from the new album for the very first time.

M-R: In the media, K.A.Z appears as a “Metal/Rock” band. How do you describe your music?

We don’t fit in entirely in any genre, but when we define our sound, we say it’s metal with som “rockiness”. We got tune-downed guitars, growls and a load of bass drum which leans more against a metal sound. But some songs like Beautiful sounds more rock and songs like Heart of Glass sounds more metal.

M-R: What was the most exciting experience of K.A.Z’s career?

It’s a lot of things, actually; one of the first things that we can think about was the first time we performed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2016 and the entire place had reached its crowd limit. It was an awesome experience to perform in front of a big audience. In recent years, we performed at a Swedish festival in 2019 named “Stone Hamlet Rockfest”, and we had no expectation or idea how it would be. It was the best festival we had ever performed at of the entire history of K.A.Z, great organisers, great stage and many other bands that were totally awesome.

M-R: In the metal world, Sweden is very known for its high-quality metal bands, and you form part of them. How do you feel with it?

We actually had that in mind when we recorded our latest album. We wanted an album that could be compared with all the other great bands.

People have high expectations when they listen to metal bands from Sweden, and I think they can guess what kind of metal it is. There’s where K.A.Z is a little different because we have a unique sound compared to the rest of the Swedish metal bands.

M-R: What’s the next plan for K.A.Z?

To try to keep up the tempo, we have right now. We’re looking at recording a music video, creating new songs and schedule a couple of gigs as well. 2020 is going to be a lot of work and fun.

M-R: Thanks K.A.Z for the interview. It has been a great pleasure. Tell us your social media to follow you!

Thank you too!

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Interview Date: 2019-12-05

Interviewer: Jhossbert