MACABRE DECAY – Into The Oblivion (Album Review)

MACABRE DECAY is an old school death metal band from Sweden and was founded back in 2014. Their latest release Into The Oblivion is due out this June 18th via Grind To Death Records.

After a short intro, the opening riff of the first track Icon dragged me in straight away and had me banging my head right from the start, and I was immediately a fan of these guy’s. I love the heaviness and brutality of this band, while they also maintain a groove and some melody worked throughout the tracks as well. I can hear similarities to bands like DEATH, CARCASS, BOLT THROWER and the like. Vocals are raw, guttural and brutal throughout and work perfectly with the music. The production is great also I must say. To me everything is crisp and tight and the low-end punch is still there without being muddy or clouded. My favourite stand-out tracks off this beast of an album would have to be Icon, Altered Flesh, Last Breath and Kräks, Förruttnelse och Våld!

Overall I think this album is great and I really enjoyed giving it a listen and discovering these guys. I will certainly re-visit this release regularly. MACABRE DECAY fans will no doubt love it, and any death metal fan I’d urge to give this guy’s a listen as well!


  1. Icon
  2. Impenitent Homocide
  3. Into Oblivion
  4. Utterly Helpless
  5. The Becoming Of Art
  6. Altered Flesh
  7. Wall Of Bones
  8. Last Breath
  9. Beauty In Carnage
  10. Kräks, Förruttnelse och Våld


Release Year: 2021
Label: Grind To Death Records
Category: Album
Country: Sweden

Reviewed by Chris Long