Sutura – Dawn of the Cursed Souls (Album Review)


Sutura from Brazil formed in 2016 and have previously released 2 singles, an EP and a full-length album, Clasta in 2019.  2021 brings their 2nd full-length album, “Dawn of the Cursed Souls”.

I am immediately hit by the heavy melodic groove of this band, a tasty cocktail of death, heavy and black metal that gave me more than I expected.  The vocals provide a variety of different extreme vocal styles and match the groove very well.  “Under the Black Mark” jumped out at me as a favourite -that guitar lead stopped me in my tracks!

The music wavers between moments of black metal riffs, melodic death grooves and furious drumming which keeps the momentum up throughout the album.  They have conquered the atmosphere of death and black metal extremely well.

While listening, I can imagine how well the band would translate to a live show, they would most certainly captivate an audience with menacing vocals, insane solos and that heavy, heavy groove that combines so well with the black metal riffs they have incorporated skillfully into the tracks.

The rhythmical beat and riff of “Suffering Cage” had me mesmerised in the beginning, but suddenly I was jolted out of that rhythm by a blood-curdling scream leading into a more furious pace which took me on a surprising ride.

Each track seems to zig-zag unexpectedly and gives a sense of anticipation of where it will take you next.  Every track gave me something to enjoy.

Recommend strongly!

Tracklist “Dawn of Cursed Souls”:
01. Dawn of Cursed Souls
02. Sacramental Bleed
03. Under the Black Mark
04. Death’s Fathom
05. Haunted by Old Ghost
06. Where Shadows of Death May Lie
07. Chaos and Demise
08. Suffering Cage
09. Worms in Disguise

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Brazil

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery