Masters Call – A Journey for the Damned (Album Review)

Release Date: November 24th 2023 - Fireflash Records

Masters Call - A Journey for the Damned

From a journey that began in 2013 and only heralded one EP so far, 2019’s Morbid Black Trinity. UK act Masters Call hailing from the West Midlands of the United Kingdom unleash their debut offering to the Blackened death metal hordes ‘’A Journey for the Damned.’’’

From the Cataclysmic opening with bells tolling destruction ‘’ All Hope in Fire’ sets the tone immediately. It is chaotic aggressive hate filled with blackened death metal where the riffs are intense yet given a memorable edge and the rhythms punishing. Taking a bit of the Death framework where the tracks are full of time changes and chaotic solos. ‘’ Beyond the Gates’’ is a mid-tempo hellfire given a true metal head stomping rhythm that matches the vitriolic screams and growls of vocalist John Wilcox. Its mid-section is traditional neck-cracking goodness before rushing headlong into up-tempo punishing double kicks, for all their extremity Masters Call now wear their metal roots proudly with some great harmony parts that drive their music with a sense of purpose.

Full of grandeur and darkened majesty, the highlight is ‘’ Into the Abyss Once More’ with its intro full of screams of damnation. It is simply more hate-filled aggression that showcases more of the band’s innate melody and old-school roots in its progression and demanding time changes, they conquer the complex with aplomb without sacrificing any of the darkness and misanthropy. Epic ‘’ Pathways’ closes out the album with some true mania and further proof of the excellent musicianship on display and a cracking final guitar solo.

‘A Journey for the Damned’ is an excellent Melo Death/Black Metal record that displays talent and technical prowess with a touch of finesse that has been finely crafted over time. Dramatic and powerful, it is a worthy debut a long time in the making.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Fireflash Records
Category: Album
Country: UK

Reviewed by Sparky