Melodic thrash metallers Incrypt drop new single “Extermination”


Extermination” is a single taken from INCRYPT‘s upcoming album “Thrashing Extinction” due for release on February 25th, 2022 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

“Thrashing Extinction” Album: The focal point was creating a Thrash Metal Album for an Incrypt audience to a Thrash Metal fan base. The style is very much distinct with small pockets of early Thrash musical influences, the feel is unique more focused than previous albums by Incrypt. Front man Mars Vali explains how his big desire to go back to the root system derived from medium paced Thrash and early don’t care attitude as a must and passion for the relevance of the genre that continues to stand out the test of time. “Thrashing Extinction” is born produced and created in Australia!

Incrypt are a Melodic Thrash Metal that formed in Melbourne, Australia. The band showcases blistering relentless live crushing shows guaranteed to make your ears bleed & bang your head. An array of previous albums and countless live shows all around Australia make this a must see band.


Check out Extermination here


Incrypt - Thrashing Extinction